Working as a team

Cycling is very much a team sport, and no doubt as a cyclist you ride and train with the same group on a regular basis. Our team coaching allows you to work with professional and highly experienced coaches to train more efficiently and effectively as a group.

We help you to work to goals and can guide you through the experience of training and competing in events together. We also provide you with a Backstedt Coaching team kit to make you feel the part, feel more of a unit and make that team bond even stronger. Each set of kit is custom coloured. There will be other teams with the same design as yours but nobody with the same colours. This will give you an opportunity to meet other riders coached by Backstedt Coaching.

Although you work as a team, naturally, people tend to have different abilities and requirements. We work through a single programme, but set individual goals in order to maximise your time on the bike and guide you through events.


– 12 month training plan (Paid in advance)
– 12 month PowerMeter rental per rider
– 1 set of kit per rider
– Collective Plan and Individual Coaching
– Race programme if required
– Race planning and Pre-race guidance
– Equipment review and guidance
– Monthly review of collective plan and individual zones for each rider
– Twice monthly contact with coaches
– Group training opportunities with other Backstedt Coaching teams (at extra cost)
– Ride and train with Magnus (at extra cost)

Annual cost of £1440 per rider (minimum 4 riders)

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