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Backstedt Coaching has been formed by Magnus & Meg Backstedt to create an environment for every rider out there to have a knowledgeable coach at hand with a vast amount of experience. 

Our UK coaching team has over 25 years of experience at the very top of Women and Mens pro scene and an in depth knowledge of training with power for all levels of riding. 

With Magnus’ experience in Ironman triathlon we are also able to offer coaching for swimming and running.

We have coaches available worldwide including the UK, United States and Sweden and therefore can offer a service local to you, imparting our knowledge, and mentoring you through your training.

We believe in focusing on training with power and can offer accurate reliable power meter rentals at an affordable rate to support you in achieving your goals. They are also available for purchase.

We are looking forward to being part of your success story in cycling and Triathlon.

Start your journey

We offer pre-set packages to suit a range of budgets or can build a tailor made plan to help you achieve your goals.

£100 month

Personal Training Plan
Quarterly contact with Lead Coach
15 min discussion with designated coach
2 x training reviews
1 x Powermeter data review
£50 setup
Discount for 6 or 12 month plan

£150 month

Personal Training Plan
Monthly contact with Lead Coach
30 min discussion with designated coach
4 x training reviews
4 x Powermeter data review
£50 setup
Discount for 6 or 12 month plan
Basic Triathlon Coaching

£300 month

Personal Training Plan
Weekly contact with Lead Coach
1 hour discussion with designated coach
10 x training reviews
10 x Powermeter data review
£50 setup
Discount for 6 or 12 month plan
Advanced Triathlon Coaching

Power Meters

View more detail about our Powermeters and buy online here.

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